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  • Experience the thrill of viewing the Dubai skyline from 240-meters high
  • Get to know Palm Jumeirah, the symbol of Dubai’s growth and ambition
  • Explore The View Exhibition to learn more about the history of Palm Jumeirah
  • Take in the 360-degree panoramic views of iconic landmarks and hidden gems
  • Enjoy your choice of general admission or admission with skip-the-line entry


  • Learn about over 3,000 plants and animals inside the bio-dome
  • Explore Earth's fascinating flora and fauna through an immersive expedition into the tropics
  • Experience the unique beauty of another world
  • Engage with interactive exhibits that educate and entertain visitors of all ages
  • Discover rare and exotic species not commonly found in traditional zoos and gardens
  • Discover a thrilling new attraction in the heart of Downtown Dubai
  • Slide down from the 53rd floor of a high-rise building within a glass capsule
  • Look down (if you dare) as you slide through a suspended transparent tube
  • Take in the breathtaking views from the stunning 25 meter long glass floor
  • Enjoy an adrenaline raising experiences walking along the edge hands-free
  • Spend a fun-filled day with family or friends at Ski Dubai and get an adrenaline-pumping experience
  • Ride a traditional toboggan down the snow hills or try other snow activities such as Giant Ball, Bobsled, Tubing Run, and Bump Car
  • Access either Two Rides of the Snow Bullet or 2hours on the Ski Slope
  • Engage in interactive games in the snow cavern and learn snowballing skills

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